Apollo 13 mission turns 51 years old; Remember the movie

Apollo 13 mission turns 51 years old;  Remember the movie

Launched in space in April 1970, the mission did not achieve the expected success

Today is not TBT Day, but good films should not be missed only on Thursdays. Idiom “Houston we have a problem“Something reminds you?”

Full Apollo 13 launch on 11 April 51 years. a space mission US planes intended to make a third manned landing on the moon. There are cinematic versions with many stories. Apollo 13 It was no different.

Mission’s unnamed film premiered in the United States on June 30, in Brazil on August 25 (where it won the title Apollo 13 – From Disaster to Victory) And tells the story of three American astronauts on a mission to the moon.

“They survive an explosion, but they need to return to Earth early to survive, as they risk running out of oxygen. Furthermore, there is a risk that even when returning, the spacecraft will be severely damaged, as it cannot withstand excessive heat in the rearrangement of the Earth’s orbit ”, summarizes.

Directed by Ron Howard and produced by Brian Grazer, the film stars Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Ed Harris, Gary Cinci, and Kathleen Quinlan among the select cast.

Despite failing and disrupting the lives of astronauts after several technical problems, the mission is considered positive and, in the long run, nominated in several awards, including nine Oscar categories and winners of two: Best Editing and best sound mixing are included.

Apollo 13 – From Disaster to Victory Available on Netflix, TeleCine Play, Looke, Apple TV and Claro Vídeo platforms.

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In the film, actor Tom Hanks says “Houston we have a problem“(Houston, we have a problem”), replacing the original phrase spoken by John “Jack” Swiggert, which is “Well, Houston, we had a problem here” (“Okay Houston, we had a problem here ”), Because the failure had already occurred.

Watch the trailer for Apollo 13 – From Disaster to Victory:

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