Apple, Amazon and Netflix Join Studio to Take Down IPTV Pirates

Apple, Amazon and Netflix Join Studio to Take Down IPTV Pirates

Amazon, Apple and Netflix have joined a coalition of Hollywood studios to shut down pirated IPTV services. In partnership with entertainment companies, the tech giants claim that these services infringe copyright by providing inappropriate access to movies and series.

The studio alliance includes giants such as Disney, Warner, Paramount, Universal and Columbia. Joining Apple, Amazon and Netflix, the companies sued a resident of the state of Texas in the United States for copyright infringement on two pirated IPTV services.


The lawsuit filed by the companies states that Dwayne Anthony Johnson is responsible for AllAccessTV and Quality Restrem’s services, which, according to the studio, provide pirated access to many series and movies, for the companies to pay for damages and also for the platform. asks. Inactive..

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Johnson, through his lawyers, said the action was “lacking” and lacking strong evidence. He also says that many of the domains listed in the lawsuit are already closed.

The action was decided by California Judge Andre Birotte, who won the case for the companies. Pursuant to the decision, Johnson may not copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, directly or indirectly, copyright infringing material, only “to facilitate, induce or contribute to the unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted works”. does not make.

The ruling also lists a number of domains that cannot be modified, sold, transferred or removed, including those belonging to many IPTV services.

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