Apple has 5 of the top 10 best-selling smartphones of 2020

Apple iPhone 11 Pro sales stood at 6.7 million units.

The Kovi-inspired disruption was nothing short of a dream for global smartphone makers. But experts are convinced that the cowardly epidemic has only delayed demand and not reduced it. In the midst of the ongoing cycle of depression, Apple has much to be happy about.

An analysis company Omedia suggests a report Apples Five iPhones are among the top 10 best-selling phones in the first half of 2020. Apple’s iPhone 11 was the world’s best-selling phone, the H12020, and no other smartphone came close.

Here are the top 10 best-selling smartphones of 2020:

10) Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11 Pro sold 6.7 million units, according to Omdia. Price starts 106,600 forward.

9) Shiomi Redmi 8

According to reports, Xiaomi shipped 6.8 million units of the Redmi 8 during H1 2020. Is on the price 9,999.

8) Xiaomi Redmi 8A

The most affordable smartphone on the list is Xiaomi’s Redmi 8A with 7.3 million sales. Available price 7,499.

7) iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple sold 7.7 million units of smartphones in the first half of 2020. The handset is available on it 1,11,600 forward.

6) Apple iPhone XR

The Apple iPhone XR ranks 6th on the list with sales of 8 million units. The Apple iPhone XR is available at a starting price 47,500.

5) Apple iPhone SE

According to Omedia reports, the iPhone SE has sold 8.7 million units. In India, iPhone SE is on sale 37,900.

4) Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

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Xiaomi’s first gaming smartphone sold over 10.2 million units in the first half of 2020. Approximate starting price 17,000.

3) Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

According to the report, sales of Redmi Note 8 smartphone are 11 million. The Xiaomi Redmi is available on the Note 8 12,799.

2) Samsung Galaxy A51

The Samsung Galaxy A5 has 11.4 million sales. The handset is currently available at a starting price 23,999.

1) Apple iPhone 11

According to the report, Apple sold 37.7 million iPhone 11s in the first half of 2020. The iPhone 11 is currently available at a starting price 64,900.

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