Apple may launch iPhone subscription and ‘rental’ service

Apple may launch iPhone subscription and 'rental' service

Apple is developing a subscription service for iPhone and other hardware. The plan will be the same as the company – and others – do with digital services, only this time. Allows users to access branded products with monthly paid amount,

This information was released this Thursday (24) by reporter Mark Gurman bloomberg, Despite disclosing the information, Gurman clarified that Apple’s plans are still unclear and continues to work on the idea internally.

The journalist said that the plan is an upgrade option for the new service which will serve as an option for subscribers to receive news every year or every two years. “If a new iPhone arrives, you can exchange your phone for this new device,” he explained.

However, Gurman pointed out that Apple plans that the service does not deliver devices directly to the customer. i.e. according to them, This would be a case of more debt than an outright purchase.Since the user must return the product in case of exchange, eg.

reporter from bloomberg says the technology giant sees this prospect as a great new source of recurring revenue, as monthly paid subscription services bring more financial forecasts for companies.

“There was some delay in this project. It is possible that service will start at the end of this year if not in 2023.”

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