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Serviços de streaming representados em um desenho

This is not a mystery to anyone, which is the strategy so far Apple TV + It has been quality over quantity – and, as some recent news suggests that perhaps Apple will change the way in the coming months, the scenario so far is clear: The Apple platform does not have many options, but overall this level is very Is satisfactory.

The Taj has come in this direction for a recent survey conducted by Swayam. The analytics firm conducted a search with a list of the top six streaming platforms in the United States (Apple TV +, Netflix, Amazon prime video, Disney +, Hbo max I Hulu) And rated in the average checked IMDb Each title available in each service. result? Apple came forward!

On average, Apple TV + has ratings for movies and series 7.24 points In 10 possible, the largest analysis of the six platforms performed. However, if the idea is to compare the amount of content on the services, Apple seriously eats the dust: they are less than 70 options Currently available on its platform, against numbers over 1,500 (Prime Video), 3,000 (HBO Max) or 5,000 (Netflix).

The firm also analyzed the number of films and series to which you have access. For every dollar i spend In your membership – and, more than that, the average quality level of each title (only content with more than 8 points on IMDb is considered excellent for example). Here, again, Apple’s ugly defeat: Apple TV + only provides 1 film and 2.4 series Per dollar spent, while Netflix has almost 15 movies and 62 series Per dollar.

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