Apple’s new maps released in Australia – MacMagazine

Apple's new maps released in Australia - MacMagazine

user in Australia started reporting today Apple Updated its maps to provide better navigation and mapping details in some areas, which could mark another expansion of the company’s revised maps.

As some people have mentioned, it seems that the 3D building visuals have improved and speed limits are starting to appear during routes.

I’m not sure if it was enabled at this morning’s event, but it looks like Apple Maps now has speed limits and 3D buildings are widespread in Australia. I’ll still see if it’s available via CarPlay. I’m sure it wasn’t [disponível] here first. I

However, the changes drew some criticism, with users reporting “a messy visualization and use of unusual naming”.

New Apple Maps data for Australia has just arrived. It’s better, but it’s still a mess – lots of weird locale names beneath the suburbs, with a similar shading to rocky headland beaches, the individual shapes of buildings a little wrong.
maps of @Apple Cannot be used in Australia because it does not display the names of major roads. No Australian has, now or at any time in the country’s history, referred to urban roads by their route number. Just put in the names of the damn street.

It’s worth noting that last March, some Australian (and Brazilian) users also noticed that Apple Maps had started pointing speed cameras on routes.

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