Argentina rejects UK statement promising to protect Falkland Islands from ‘bullies’ - Alberto Fernández

The South American country reacted to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace’s statements, saying they were “absolutely unfair and unacceptable”.

Sputnik – The South American country reacted to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace’s statements, saying they were “absolutely unfair and unacceptable”, and asked London to comply with “a number of UN resolutions”.

According to a statement published by the Argentine Foreign Ministry, this Tuesday (11), the Argentine Foreign Ministry “categorically rejected” the statements of the United Kingdom’s Secretary of Defense, Ben Wallace, who said he was dealing with “bullies”. Will defend the Falkland Islands. cases..

“The democratic governments of Argentina have consolidated their claim to sovereignty over the Falklands issue within the framework of international law and through peaceful and diplomatic channels,” the Argentine government said in the text, adding that “the references to Secretary Wallace are absolutely inappropriate and unacceptable.” “

The ministry also reiterated that “the UK must comply with a number of UN resolutions calling for a negotiated settlement of the sovereignty dispute over the Falklands, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands and related maritime locations”.

The Argentine government spoke after yesterday (10), the British secretary said “to protect our enemies from those who defend themselves and our values,” according to the newspaper published by The Daily Telegraph. cannot defend, must not doubt the determination of the United Kingdom to defend”.

Furthermore, the secretary referred to the islands as the Falklands (a reference used by the British) and not the Falklands, arguing that “history is full of consequences for those who underestimated this small island.” “.

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For Thomas Ferdinand Hay, Professor of International Relations at the Instituto de Estudos Astrátégicos at the Universidad Federal Fluminense (UFF), interviewed by Sputnik Brasil, the island belongs to Buenos Aires.

“Without a doubt, the Falklands belong to Argentina, and the use of force [através da guerra pelo Reino Unido] To resolve the issue was, at least, absurd”, he declared.

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