Army of the Dead Prelude film wins teaser with Game of Thrones actress

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Netflix follows up the project with the world Army of the Dead: Invasion of Las Vegas by Zack Snyder. The stage reveals the national teaser for Legion of Thieves: Invasion of Europe, a prologue to the franchise starring Nathalie Emmanuel from The Fast and the Furious and Game of Thrones.

The teaser shows how Dieter becomes known among bank robbery groups. Legion of Thieves: Invasion of Europe takes place when zombies have already taken over Las Vegas in the United States.

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With a world torn by the plague, Dieter is called on an adventure in Europe. Coffer joins an entirely different team for the opening specialist mission, which has partnered with the Game of Thrones actress.

Also, it seems that the film should not include zombies. Dieter’s story begins more traditionally as a bank robber.

Netflix has yet to reveal the release date for Army of the Dead: Prologue of the Las Vegas Invasion. Watch the teaser released below.

The Story of Dieters on Netflix

“In this story that predates the Army of the Dead, a mysterious woman invites Dieter’s bank teller to rob over-protected safes in Europe,” reads the official synopsis of Army of Thieves: Invasion of Europe.

In addition to Matthias Schweghofer, Dieter and Emmanuel, the prologue to Army of the Dead: The Las Vegas Invasion features Ruby O. Fei, Stuart Martin, Goose Khan, Jonathan Cohen, Noemi Nakai and Trent Garrett.

Directed by Mathias Schweghofer himself. Prior to this, he has directed the film Separation Agent, the series You Are Wanted, among other works.

Legion of the Dead: Invasion of Las Vegas Screenwriter Shay Hatton returns to write the foreword, based on an idea he and Zack Snyder, who also produced the film, produced.

There is still no release date for Army of Thieves: Invasion of Europe. Army of the Dead: Invasion in Las Vegas airs on Netflix.

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