At what time does Netflix update new movies and series? | Apps

At what time does Netflix update new movies and series?  |  Apps

I know that many people follow commercials and keep frying until new series and episodes arrive on Netflix. The good news is that “original Netflix” movies and series (ie, titles produced by the streaming company) are available to subscribers around the world, usually at midnight, Pacific Time.

Pacific Time

The Pacific Time Zone (PST) is a time zone that covers Western Canada, the western United States, and western Mexico. Coincidentally or not, Netflix is ​​headquartered in Los Gatos, California (USA). Locations in this time zone use standard time subtracting 8 hours from coordinated universal time (UTC).

And Brazil?

Not so simple, in Brazil, there are four spindles. They differ due to the continental dimensions of the country, our reference being the time of Brasilia, with the time zone UTC -3: 00 (northeast, southeast and south). In the north of Brazil and in the Midwest, it is a UTC-4: 00 time zone. Acker and southwest Amazonas states use the UTC-5: 00 time zone. Not to mention Fernando de Noronha and the islands of Trenade and Martim Vaz, where the time zone is UTC -2: 00.

Oops! Let’s consider Brasilia time. Okay?

At what time does Netflix update the original series and movies?

According to streaming company support, some Netflix titles are not considered original in all countries. As a result, there are two update times. In this case, it is usually as follows:

  • Countries where the title is considered original: Available to Midnight (pst), Which changed in Brazil’s time, will be around 3h and 4h (in the morning);
  • Available in countries where the title is licensed or not considered original: Midnight, local time. In Brazil, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
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Regarding non-originals (licensed), these enter and leave the catalog at all times.

Okay, now you know what time Netflix updates the original series.

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