Audiences distributed after The Wiki DF Dibli include former cast members

Audiences distributed after The Wiki DF Dibli include former cast members

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Diane French split the Winnie the Pooh Christmas special left audience tonight when Don French mentioned some former cast members who are no longer with us.

Dawn is back with the title of our favorite forgettable, Geraldine Granger, the BBC’s three-part series, The Wicker of Dibble in Lockheed.

The new installments of the comedy will track life in a fictional village of 2020 using the ser online teachings conducted by Geraldine.

Although Visar leads the whole affair, she keeps the memories of our favorite characters alive in a captivating and ridiculous way.

During the episode, Geraldine pays tribute to Owen Nittitt, played by Roger Lloyd-Pack.

Roger died of pancreatic cancer in 2014.

Audiences were divided about the Christmas special (Photo: BBC / Tiger Impact Productions Ltd / Des Wiley)

He also mentioned John Bluethal, who played Frank Pickle in the comedy, although he Died in 2018 due to natural causes.

Some viewers thought it was’ weird ‘to include the members of the dead cast, and on social media, one tweeted:’ WTF? Aren’t all the other pluses dead now? Seems in bad taste. ‘

Roger played the role of Onan Nittat (Photo: BBC).

“It’s weird to see this #Vicarofidili thing, how many farmers have died, the show was a cast, not just a visor. Another comment, “It’s weird to shout at a dead Frank …”

One added: ‘Are they making fun of the dead?’

John plays Frank Pickle (Photo: BBC)

Another said: ‘Owen has been mentioned more than anyone, and Roger Lloyd Pack has been dead for almost seven years!’

‘Look at the many complaints of regret, but why are you making fun of the dead?’ Another viewer asked.

Other viewers praised Dawn for bringing prosperity and happiness in 2020, with many saying it was a sweet gesture to include Owen and Frank.

‘Best 10 minutes of TV this year!’, One viewer tweeted.

Another commented: ‘I smiled when I saw Geraldine back.’

While one added: ‘Dan French, the funniest man ever !! Thanks for bringing back the disorder !! Wait for more disorder zoom! ‘

Another said, ‘Still brilliantly funny and exactly what we need now.’ has reached out to the BBC for comment.

Vicky Df Dibble in Lockdown aired on BBC One.

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