Australia blames US white supremacists for denial of vaccine by Aborigines

Australia blames US white supremacists for denial of vaccine by Aborigines

Australia’s native population has a lower vaccination rate than the rest of the population, and the country’s Western leaders blame the false information spread by American white supremacists on the Internet.

Western Australian political leader blames US white supremacists spreading misinformation online On COVID-19 vaccines in tribal communities in their state.

Mark McGowan accused these groups of not protecting the interests of the native population of Australia and “don’t be sad about bad results“For the tribals.

Responsible also left appeal to communities Writes to hear from experts about vaccines Washington Post, McGowan revealed that it was local leaders who warned him about the lies being spread.

Vanitha Bartholomew, who coordinates matters relating to tribals, said there is information from facebook group, which had a picture of Donald Trump as a cover image, and groups targeting Native Australians were based in the United States.

Although about 88% of Australians aged 16 and over are already fully vaccinated, the rate is much lower among Indigenous peoples, being 63%. in the city of Leonora, Only 13% of tribals are immunized,

In addition to low vaccination rates, there are remote communities that have more difficulties accessing health care, as in Walgate – a village where many Aboriginal people live and which does not have an intensive care unit in a hospital, critically ill people have to be helicoptered to other cities.

Since the start of the pandemic, experts have warned that the coronavirus could further affect indigenous communities, especially as they suffer more. chronic health problems and have a lower average life expectancy than the rest of the Australian population, especially in isolated regions.

As in other countries, Aboriginal Australians have a history of suffering from infectious diseases.

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