Australia state bans worship during online worship broadcasts

Australia state bans worship during online worship broadcasts

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Australia state bans worship during online worship broadcasts

Marcella Bastos

The Australian state has banned praise in life. Photo: Internet

In Australia, a state government has banned praise during online worship broadcasts believed to contain infection with the new coronavirus. The state of New South Wales decided to take serious measures to prevent a possible new wave of infections and, amid restrictions, banned anyone from singing while on a live or group video call. The measure is similar, but goes beyond a 2020 state order of California, which banned worship times during face-to-face services in churches that have already moved to distance and limit temple capacity. were picking up.

Hillsong President Pastor Brian Houston said, “That’s why our state government has proposed an ordinance that not a single person can sing for a camera to lead live Christian worship. This is clearly religious discrimination and so on.” It’s ancient that it’s hard to believe. Christians stand up.” Other religious leaders have taken a stand against the measure, mainly Pentecostals and Catholics, saying the decree was evidence of religious persecution.

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