Australian boutique can save ’boutique quarantine’

Australian boutique can save ’boutique quarantine’

Australia’s best chance of hosting its Grand Prix scheduled for November may be for teams and drivers to implement a “boutique quarantine” period.

This is the opinion of a prominent Victoria-based epidemiologist who suggested that F1 teams might take care of their isolation in the UK before traveling. Melbourne.

Originally scheduled for its traditional opening hours in March, the Australian Grand Prix has been postponed 19 November to 21 November Due to the ongoing epidemic.

The race was first canceled in 2020 due to the global health crisis, which was canceled just before FP1 began, at a time when COVID-19 was beginning to take over the world.

In the revised timeline for 2021, Australia will be two weeks after the São Paulo Grand Prix, which is at risk due to the continuing scale of the epidemic in Brazil.

Two epidemiologists put forth their views on what might happen, and Professor Katherine Bennett of Deakin University believes the UK will be able to help the Australian Grand Prix move forward if the race is canceled in Brazil. May play an important role.

If the UK allowed some part of the quarantine period to be served there, it would reduce the need for F1 staff to stay in the same hotel room for two weeks, as in the case of tennis players participating in the tournament. Was. February. .

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“If the UK has made a lot of progress and they have been there for the last two weeks, there could be an opportunity for a travel bubble that could make things easier,” Bennett said. Sydney Herald in the morning.

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“He spoke of keeping low quarantine for vaccinated people.” If they are not found outside the team too much, or if the actual case rate in the UK is low, they are less likely to be infected.

“It all depends on whether they can negotiate something that satisfies the risk appetite of the government and is acceptable to the teams. This is where they have to come to terms.

“Victoria probably won’t cut it short, but she can set up a custom-designed boutique quarantine that can somehow accomplish some of the things they need to do.”

Meanwhile, Professor Mike Toal of the Burnett Institute offered a hypothesis based on the Brazilian race, but acknowledged that it would be easier for Australia if the Interlagos program was canceled.

“I think it can only happen when everyone has been vaccinated and after the Brazilian GP has all tested negative before taking a charter flight, come straight to Melbourne and test it when it arrives,” Toll said.

“They have to do a test before they qualify, they will need to ensure transportation to Albert Park so that they don’t get mingled with anyone. They’ll have drivers, mechanics and all in the same position and maybe someone except doctors and nurses Will not communicate with

“It can be done, but it is difficult, and GPs have to pay for everything.

“If you went directly from Mexico to Melbourne, there would be an extra week and you could share quarantine in many cities. This will make it more viable. “

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