Australian Football Federation vows to investigate sexual harassment allegations against former female players

Australian Football Federation vows to investigate sexual harassment allegations against former female players

Australia’s Football Federation on Wednesday pledged to investigate all allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation made by two former Australian national team players.

The reply came after striker Lisa De Vanna, who had set a 150 for Australia before retiring in September, told an interview with an Australian newspaper on Tuesday that she was sexually assaulted and bullied by other colleagues. had gone. early career.

“Have I been sexually assaulted? Yes. Was I bullied? Yes. Excommunicated? Yes.

“When I was little I didn’t know how to deal with it (…) but it still happens at all levels and it’s time to speak up,” he insisted.

In an interview with the daily newsgroup, the athlete stated that the incidents took place in showers and changing rooms, where he was thrown to the ground and other teammates rubbed against him.

The former player wrote on the Twitter social network earlier this month, “I have seen women defending women abusing women. Players who protect senior players who abuse young players. Organizations that Abuse the coach and the players. Abuse is abuse.”

Rully Dobson, 29, a former player who retired last March, also reported being a victim of sexual assault.

“This is something that still happens, even at the highest levels, and unless it is addressed, nothing will change,” he said in the same article.

Following these announcements, the Australian federation stated that it maintains “zero tolerance for any conduct that violates the rules and values” of athletes.

“We ask everyone to formally file their charges so that we can conduct a full investigation,” he said, encouraging Vanna and Dobson to file their charges through “appropriate channels.”

The federation stated that he was unaware of these incidents, having already met Lisa de Vanna.

The alleged sexual assault scandal in Australian women’s football follows similar allegations in other disciplines such as swimming, hockey and gymnastics.

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