Avatar: A Lenda De Aango

Avatar: A Lenda De Aango

Nearly three years after the series was announced live action Of Avatar: A Lenda De AangoLooks like we finally have the names and faces of the actors who will play the lead characters in the production.

according to website Avatar News, generally reliable sources about the franchise, Netflix hammered and decided that Gordon Cormier, Kiaventiu Tarbell, Ian Osley I Dallas Liu Will happen Aang, Katara, Sokka I Zuko in customization.

The portal dedicated to Avatar ensures that although the news has not been confirmed by any official source, they are 99.9% sure that it will soon turn out to be true.

The actor who will play the character of Aangi

gordon cormier 11 years old and Filipino-Canadian. He is best known for such series lost in Space the netflix e tripod Of Paramount+. In Avatar, he will play the role of Airbender hero, Aang.

Gordon Cormier to play Aang in Avatar’s live-action

The actress who brought Katara to life

Netflix picks 14-year-old girl to play Katara Waterbender kiaventio tarbel. She is a native of the Mohawk tribe native to Canada. Appeared in Tarbell Anne with E and starred in the movie legumes. In an interview this April, the actress had come to declare interest in staying at Katara No live-action 3D avatar.

Kiaventio Tarbell to play Katara in Avatar’s live-action

Actors of Sokka in Avatar

known to participate in 13 Reasons Why the netflix e Body 19 year old, from Apple TV+ Ian OsleyKatara’s elder brother will be Sokka.

Ian Osley to bring Sokka to life in Netflix’s Avatar series

Zuko cast in live-action avatar

Dallas Liu 20 years old, from Los Angeles in the United States, but of Indonesian and Chinese descent. He is credited with the next Marvel film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, as well as the TV series . By pen15 I players. In Avatar: A Lenda De AangoLiu will play the exiled Prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko.

Dallas Liu could be cast as Zuko in Netflix’s live-action

For now, the casting of the four young actors is still unofficial information, and of course, it could be proven wrong in the future. Although Avatar News This is often a really reliable source when it comes to Nickelodeon franchises. We will keep an eye out for any new information!

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Live-action series footage from Avatar in Vancouver are scheduled for November 2021 and are expected to run through May 2022.

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