Azul president defends the lockout and says that the reopening plan should be 04/04/2021

Azul president defends the lockout and says that the reopening plan should be 04/04/2021

Azul, the president of the third-largest airline in the world, defended in an interview with O Globo Lockdown In Brazil, but said that the resumption of activities in the country should be intensified. John Rodgerson also said that earlier CoronavirusThe company operated 1,000 flights a day. This month, the number has more than halved with 400 visits per day.

Only by the low number of flights, John celebrated the result of the auction of 22 airports distributed in 12 states of Brazil, a day before yesterday. The federal government raised R $ 3.302 billion. This means that the total amount was 1,673% above the expected minimum of R $ 186.2 million.

“I was excited about the result. But you need flights. Azul has a presence in these places (where airports are provided), wants to continue investing to grow its presence and develop regional aviation. These Airports need investment and are only valuable. If they have flights. “

Rodgerson also cited the situation in the United States, the country that has yet to vaccinate the most people against Kovid-19. According to Azul’s president, the country is “partying” and people are already roaming the streets in general, moreover, bars and restaurants are back and running.

In the end, John said that he believed there would soon be a reason to celebrate in Brazil as well. “I believe the end will come in two or three months. Because there will be a large proportion of the vaccinated population. I see that the lights at the end of the tunnel are getting brighter every day.”

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