Bahian, 31, is vaccinated against Kovid-19 in the United States on the same day as his father, who is 62 years old and immunized in Salvador. Bahia

Bahian, 31, is vaccinated against Kovid-19 in the United States on the same day as his father, who is 62 years old and immunized in Salvador.  Bahia

Diana Ribeiro of Bahia, who lives in the United States, has the privilege of saying that she has been vaccinated with coronovirus at the age of 31. Khushi was a dual dose. On the same day, the elder father, Carlos Ribeiro, who is twice his age, was immunized in the city of Salvador, where he lived until February last year.

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In an interview with G1, Bahian, who is an administrator, said she lives in the state of Connecticut, with her husband, Diego, who went to the North American country for work.

She received her first dose of Pfizer on 5 April. Carlos Ribeiro, Coronav’s, on the same date, at the Campus-through Ondina, Federal University of Bahia.

“Quite a coincidence. The vaccine here has already been released to everyone over the age of 16, which actually allows vaccine testing, people over the age of 16, which was released on April 1,” Everyone here in my state has a different date and it is only with the scheduled time “, said Diana Ribeiro.

Carlos Ribeiro says the sensation was a loss of “insecurity” that was all around, but warned about a second dose he should take in the month of May.

Diana and Diego live in the United States – Photo: Personal Archive

Bahian women highlight differences in the target audience of vaccination campaigns between Salvador and the city where she currently resides.

“I managed to set the date for the 5th, coincidentally, the date that was issued to my father to be vaccinated in Salvador as well. Age difference: While Salvador is still in the elderly group, here he has extensive Form is being vaccinated. Population “, said.

Diana Ribeiro kills family members weekly with her family via video calling in a messaging app. Her sister, Taísa Ribeiro, who lives in Salvador, has also been vaccinated already, as she is part of a group of health professionals.

Connecticut Vaccination Plan

Diana was vaccinated in the United States at the age of 31 – Photo: Personal Archive

In a state that has a mix of small municipalities in coastal cities and rural areas, Diana Ribeiro says she did not face problems with vaccination and did not experience pivotal moments of the epidemic.

“Here I see it a little more peaceful than in Brazil, because I have not faced as critical a side as any in Brazil. However there is also a higher number in the United States. [de casos]It was not very important here, because I live in a countryside area, a small town and there was no group of any kind “, Bahian said.

“Everything was very organized, so wherever you went, there was a spot marked on the floor so that you were away from people, everyone was wearing masks.”

The vaccination schedule has been efficient. Diana pointed out that those wishing to be vaccinated do not face difficulties to schedule the vaccination.

“It’s very fast. Those who want to get vaccinated are not finding it difficult and those who really want to schedule for next week are really fast,” he said.

The idea of ​​killing parents and family members also crossed her mind, but Diana preferred to wait for everyone’s vaccinations for a safe and happy date.

“The only issue is that I did not go to Brazil during that time. Fear of taking Kovid-19 during the trip and dispatching others, especially family members”.

Canceled travel and reunion plans

Carlos Ribeiro was vaccinated in Salvador – Photo: Personal Archive

Carlos said one of the family’s plans was to travel to the United States, miss his daughter, and visit a new country. Their plans were also delayed due to the epidemic.

“We bought tickets to go and see her, but unfortunately this epidemic ensued, there is a need to cancel this trip and we are waiting for everyone to be able to go more safely. This is such a moment Is something we should reflect on and wait for. The most appropriate and safe moment so that everyone can meet. ”

On Tuesday (6), the Department of Health (Sisab) reported that Bahia recorded 3,581 new cases (growth rate + 0.4%) of Kovid-19 and 122 deaths from the disease in the last 24 hours. The total number is more: 821,303 cases were confirmed since the onset of the epidemic and 15,918 deaths.

The situation worries Carlos Ribeiro, who asks for awareness to improve the health system, especially for young people.

“We know this is really a question of awareness, of education, because Brazilians lack this awareness, so you have to think about yourself and think about the other, be empathetic, which your parents , The family is near the grandparents and think anything is possible ”, he asked.

Diana reveals that she now awaits the vaccination of her parents, Clia Rib Ribro, so that she can try to visit her parents and family.

“Now, I am waiting for my mother to be vaccinated. She is 59, so she is not in the elderly group. Then we have no way of knowing when she will be leaving.” [ser vacinada]. Therefore, we will wait for her vaccination. I have probably already taken the second dose and will have to come 15 days after the second dose.

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