Bahian dance film is shown for free this weekend

Guego Anunciação is the project director, activist, dancer Photo: Disclosure - Photo: Disclosure

The film Pretxs 3000 will be shown online for free on YouTube this Sunday, 7 pm, 6 pm. The audio-visual project is the result of an artistic residency given by Bahian choreographers living in the United States, Augusto Soled, with fifteen Bahian dancers during the month of February. Free exhibition takes place Guego Announcement Channel, project Director.

The inspiration for the making of the film is the presence of blacks in the year 3000, Soled states: “The Afro-Futurism movement has served as a basis for developing the concept of the Pritx 3000. As a final product of the work there will be an audiovisual production and not a spectacle for the stage, thinking of a fictional future where the presence of blacks remains firm and prevails ”.

For the production of the project, Augusto and the dancers had twelve online meetings throughout February, four hours for each meeting, when the numbers to be presented were also filmed, with all artists working on virtual platforms from their homes. Medium from.

“All the actors were, in fact, film technicians and filmmakers, because all the filming was done by themselves through their cell phones. Photographer and filmmaker Gabriel Oliveira, to help choose the plans, locations and lighting of this Became a cinematographic consultant for the project. We also participate as Guilharme Silva, actor, a theatrical consultant. Augusto 3000 states that it is a story presented as a audio-visual production, including dance, Photography and theatrics mark the presence of black people in the future.

Pretux 3000 (with Augusto Residency Exhibition Augusto Soled) has been awarded the Anselmo Serrat Award for Artistic Languages, through resources from the Special Secretariat for Culture, through Cultural Culture Mahaveer Aldir Blanc of Salvador’s City Hall, Salvador. Is with Ministry of Tourism, Federal Government.

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