Barnier wants to fill England with migrants, fueling tensions between Britain and France

Barnier wants to fill England with migrants, fueling tensions between Britain and France
Former Brexit negotiators defend the end of the migration agreement between the two countries.

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The man who was Brexit’s main negotiator for the European Union (EU) this Saturday ignited strained relations between Paris and London by defending the end of the border control treaty signed in 2003 and opening doors to migrants. want to go to uk. The controversial statement by Michel Barnier, who is now the French presidential candidate, comes after the British PM issued an official letter in which he suggested that France should take back migrants arriving in the UK from the French coast.Under the agreement Barnier proposes to tear down, should he be chosen to succeed Emmanuel Macron in 2022, the United Kingdom and France have border control points in Dover (south England) and Calais (northern France). But it is up to France to detain undocumented migrants, who receive more than 50 million euros annually from the British for patrolling the coast.
Tensions have already mounted over Brexit and alleged breaches of British fisheries agreements with France escalated this week after 27 migrants were killed in the English Channel. Macron accused Johnson of “lack of seriousness” for publishing the letter in which he suggested solutions to the problem and invited the British Interior Minister to an official event to discuss the migration crisis.

Kurdish youth first identified as victim
The 24-year-old Kurdish woman Mariam Nouri Mohamed Amin was on board the migrant boat that sank in the English Channel on Wednesday and 27 victims were identified.The boyfriend lives in the UK and says that Noori was texting him when the precarious rubber boat he was traveling on started losing air. She kept hoping to be saved until the end, but help came too late. Only two people survived, an Iraqi and a Somali.

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