Battlefield 2042 keeps losing players, and fans cheer

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launch of Battlefield 2042It was, undoubtedly, one of the worst receipts for the series in recent years. While DICE still tries to work to improve the technical aspects of the game, it doesn’t stop losing players, hitting record levels every week. And some of his “fans” seem pleased with it.

VG 24/7’s Sheriff Saeed reports he can’t remember the last Battle field This made players so inclined to watch the number of people in the game drop. Daily we find posts on various social networks and forums Alluding to the new particularly low numbers.

Concurrent players from the last three battlefieldsSource: SteamDB

The above data is taken from SteamDB, show how it was in the last 24 hours Battlefield 2042 had crossed – far – far battlefield v, The pinnacle of the game for this period is also not far above the old one. battlefield 1,

But other data suggests the game may not be doing as bad as some players would like. The biggest spike in its entire existence is significantly higher than in previous games, and the number of players is way ahead as of writing this news. battlefield v, It seems that while many players got out 2042, the game still has quite a few spectators who do not intend to leave it.

Of course the game would still receive many updates and patches, but its bugs were so numerous that some players are getting refunds for it on Steam without even completing it. return rule Of the platform

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