Benedict Cumberbatch responds to attack dogs insults: ‘intolerance’

Elegante, Benedict Cumberbatch rebate insultos a Ataque dos Cães: ‘intolerância’

actor Benedict Cumberbatch Couldn’t Keep Quiet and Speak After Controversial Insult About his nominated film by actor Sam Elliott Oscar, Attack of the Dogs, from netflix. Eternal Doctor Strange answered with his British elegance already known,

In the BAFTA film session program, the actor explained that the plot does not intend to be one and is nothistory class, about the times depicted and thus discoveries, such as their The characters in the film are relevant to the current context of the society.

For those who don’t understand: In Attack of the Dogs, Cumberbatch plays Phil Burbank, who struggles with Sexuality in a Conservative American State, 1925.

In a podcast, Sam Elliott expresses strong opinion About the movie, calling it “a piece of crap”, with “All these signs for homosexuality,

Although the giant has shown any kind of personal offense With a simple film, Cumberbatch said that “People like this still exist in our world,

“I was trying really hard not to comment on this strange reaction. I didn’t get to hear it, so it’s almost inappropriate to comment on this in detail, but there’s actually committed a crime,Tara says.

,such a denial about any other existence that is not heterosexual, […] There is also a large-scale intolerance in the world towards homosexuality and acceptance of any other form of difference.“, completes.

Cumberbatch also confirms that it There is a specific suppression, but it is caused by intolerance,

On the other hand, the film received 11 Oscar Nominations 2022 – Including the most important rewards, such as Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor,

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Benedict Cumberbatch Stars Attack of the Dogs

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the most charismatic actors Hollywood Today.

The Briton has a career with a strong presence in the theater to this day, but becomes famous when he stars in the series Sherlock in 2010In the role of the famous detective of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

He is best remembered today for playing Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic UniverseAs well as Dragon Smaug and Necromancer, via motion capture, in hobbit trilogyby Peter Jackson.

he was still Khan in Star Trek: Beyond Darknessof 2013.

Cumberbatch is best remembered for playing his original character.

Examples of this are Hawking’s 2004 series, where he lived astrophysicist. Stephen Hawkingand the film Journey to Freedom (2006), where he played William Pitt the Younger, 12 years slavery (2013), where he played William Prince Ford, fifth power (2013), where activist Julian Assange lived, and fake game (2014), where he played the mathematician and inventor of computing, alan turing,

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