Beyoncé’s film ‘Black is King’ completes one year

Beyoncé's film 'Black is King' completes one year

Exactly a year ago, the internet went crazy with the film’s release on July 31, 2020″black is king“, the director Beyoncé. The singer’s visual album reinterpreted the film’s lessons.The Lion King” In a representative show. Remember the best moments at work.

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a work directed by BeyoncéPresents a reinterpretation of the songs of the film.The Lion King‘, gives Disney. However, instead of the animal kingdom, “black is king“Proposes lessons on the journey through black families, for young kings and queens in search of their own crowns. The scene honors a story of a young man on a journey of self-identity, love and betrayal with the help of his ancestors, who help him reach his destiny.

And, besides her, the singer was helped by the great names of African artists, such as Lupita Nyong’ohandjob Pharrell Williamshandjob Naomi Campbell. Your family also had involvement, like Jay Z, Your husband, Tina Knowles-Lawson, your mother, and blue Ivy, his eldest daughter.

Here’s how to watch the movie “Black Is King.”

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“Black Is King” and Its Role in Representation

And it was with all the class and whimsy that this work of art became a landmark. it is a fact that Beyoncé One of the most famous and influential figures in the world, the singer used her voice to elevate black culture.

In the narrative, the singer talks about lineage, reinterpreting elements of African religions and traditions with her own political vision with a lot of art and elegance. The breathtaking views came from the landscapes of Nigeria, Ghana, USA and UK.

“With this visual album, I wanted to bring elements of black history and African tradition with a modern twist and a universal message that really means finding your identity and creating a legacy. I believe That when we black people tell their stories, we can turn the axis of the world and tell the real past of the prosperity of our generations and the richness of the soul, which is not told in books”, Singer said.

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