BH – Children’s Film Festival starting this Wednesday (20/7) in Kultura

BH - Children's Film Festival starting this Wednesday (20/7) in Kultura
“Dial-Quilombola” portrays the reality of the children of Espirito Santo who live in a Quilombola community and on a hill in Vitoria. (Photo: Dial-Quilombola/Disclosure)

“We seek out films that allow a playful, fun and critical perspective to foster world-building and vision from childhood”

Cardes Mono Amancio, Festival Producer

Occupying a prominent place in the programming of the second BH Children’s Film Festival – Cinema de Brincquedo, to be screened at Cine Santa Tereza from this Wednesday (20/7) focusing on the theme and title or focus on these communities, created by indigenous peoples and Quilombola has been done. ), with daily sessions until the following Sunday (24/7). Tickets can be purchased, free of charge, in advance at or at the cinema box office 1 hour before each session.

The show has a total of 28 short films and two feature films from 12 Brazilian states and countries such as France, England, Argentina, Spain, Holland, Mexico, the United States and Qatar. The festival’s creator, Cardes Mono Amnasio, explains that the curatorship of this edition, composed by Diego Souza and Ikima Delmare, selected fiction films, documentaries and animations that provide access to relevant contemporary themes.

“We look for films that allow a playful, fun, and critical perspective, from childhood to training and fostering a worldview, respecting differences and encouraging caring for the environment. We think of such films as which can contribute to the education of children as well as adults”, highlighted Amnesio.

traditional cultures

He emphasizes that this was a deliberate gesture by the curatorship to pay special attention to themes involving nature and traditional cultures. The producers point out that it is important for children to approach works of fiction and documentaries that are related to the protection of the environment, especially at this time, when progress is being made in deforestation in the main biomes of the country.

“Following this socio-environmental line, we have some indigenous films, made in villages, and quilombola of traditional cultures in general, which, throughout our history, have gone through a process of erasure, in the background. are back. One way to promote another. More than respect, it’s about encouraging an appreciation of difference”, he emphasized.

In this area, we highlight the animation “Tudo Verdim” by Patricia Dias, structured from a collection of invented memories of children from the Pancarar indigenous region in the interior of Bahia; Documentary “Dial-Quilombola” by David Rix, about the children of Espírito Santo, who live in a Quilombola community and on a hill in the city of Vitoria; and Julia Velutini’s short film “Indian Myths in Crossing”, made up of six traditional indigenous stories across different ethnicities.

foreign bonds

Films from other countries included in the program also deal with the logic of provocative change, according to Amnesio. He says they are important works because they bring about other realities. “At first, they may seem very different, but childhood has their common denominators, such as a taste for play. This is a stage in the creation of the subject, so films that brought in the realities of other countries would also have contributed greatly. is”, he says.

From today to Friday, the short films will be grouped into two separate sessions, at 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm. On Saturday (7/23) and Sunday (7/24) Janta Thiago B. Mendonna’s feature film “Um Filme de Cinema” and Daniel Leite Almeida’s “Elis dos Anjos”. respectively at 4:30 pm on both the days.

travel session

The second Belo Horizonte Children’s Film Festival – Cinema de Brinquedo also has an extended program throughout the year. From tomorrow there are travel sessions with clippings of what to see in Cine Santa Tereza, which have already passed through the cultural centers Jardim Guanabara, Pampulha and Lago do Nado, the reference center for popular and traditional culture. These sessions continue in other cultural centers – Venda Nova, which hosts exhibitions tomorrow at 2 pm; Sao Bernardo, October 6 at 1:30 pm; And then Pampulha, on October 14 at 4 pm.

The project also includes a “Cinema All Year” activity, which will provide a package of films to be screened for free at interested schools. “This version of the festival is based on the belief that the common, in the sense of community, is built up of a plurality of singularities and, first, in childhood, the subjects have the opportunity to meet the most diverse possible with the second, better future. for these subjects will be able to make their contribution”, emphasizes Amnesio.


• 2nd BH Children’s Film Festival – Toy Cinema, from this Wednesday (7/20) to next Sunday (7/24), at Cine Santa Tereza (Rua Estrella do Sul, 89, Santa Tereza). between Wednesday and Friday, 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm; Saturday and Sunday at 4:30 pm.

• Tickets can be purchased, free of charge, through the website and at the cinema box office 1 hour before each session.

• Complete program . can be seen on

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