Biden authorizes closure of US border with Mexico

President of WeJoe Biden, announced this Tuesday, the 4th a series of rules to stop the arrival of immigrants at the border with Mexico. The actions include temporarily closing the border and deporting immigrants without allowing them to present asylum claims.

These measures, the most radical measures of the Biden administration so far, seek to gain votes from voters dissatisfied with the increase in immigrants in the United States. The government announced the new policy through an executive order. Cancellation can only happen through legal means.

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The new rules stipulate the expulsion of immigrants who enter illegally, and they can be deported to Mexico or their country of origin in a matter of hours or days. The United States border will be temporarily closed when the daily limit of 2,500 people is exceeded. Last Sunday, on the 2nd, alone, about 3,500 people crossed the border.

A white House The report said the action will only come into effect if the high level of arrivals exceeds our capacity to receive people at the southern border. Non-governmental organisations such as the American Civil Liberties Union have already threatened to go to court against the executive order.

Joe Biden closes US border with Mexico after election

US President Joe Biden caught 'snoring'
Joe Biden should run for re-election for President of the United States for the Democratic Party | Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/X/@peterdaou

According to information received by the newspaper from sources the new York TimesBiden awaits election results in Mexico. Candidates Claudia Sheinbaum won.

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Claudia declared that “we will always protect Mexicans living on the other side of the border”. Biden expressed his willingness to cooperate closely when he congratulated her, but did not mention the immigration issue.

Thus Joe Biden wants to prevent a surge in illegal entries into the United States until the November election. In December 2023, 250,000 people attempted to cross the border, a number that was halved in April this year. Thus the president wants to ensure that there is no new surge in entries until the election period.

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