Biden faces Republican skepticism about infrastructure package – Época Negócios

Biden faces Republican skepticism about infrastructure package - Época Negócios

Joe Biden (Photo: Photo: Al Drago-Pool / Getty Images)

By David Morgan and Jarrett Renshaw – President of America, Joe Biden, may find himself under pressure on Monday to prove his extreme admiration in working with Republicans in Congress, while legislators ask the US to address the $ 2.3 trillion presidential proposal to improve infrastructure Returns from legislative leave.

The Senate is losing political capital to a group of Republican Republicans, including Presidents Susan Collins and Mitt Romney, who, with the support of both parties, may represent their best opportunity to enact legislation.

Biden’s party holds a small majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate, meaning she cannot afford to lose Democratic votes. It has encouraged liberal Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin, who have a major influence on the fate of Biden’s legislative priorities.

Biden, who has been in the Senate for 36 years since becoming president since January, has reiterated his interest in collaborating with Republicans. He is due to receive from both the Houses of Republicans and Democrats to discuss the way forward for the infrastructure project at 2:45 pm (GMT) in the White House.

But Biden can expect a skeptical reception from the ten Senate Republicans he met with the president to discuss the Kovid-19 relief package in February, only to have his calls scrambled to dismiss the package. Then, Democrats used a special legislative tool to pass the $ 1.9 trillion bill without Republican support.

The infrastructure package proposed by Biden alone is difficult to sell to Republicans. They oppose provisions that address climate change and encourage social services, as well as a proposal to raise corporate taxes that were reduced in former Republican President Donald Trump’s 2017 law.

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Democratic Senator Chris Coons, one of Biden’s closest allies in Congress, said many Senate Republicans may be willing to support a higher gasoline tax and road tax on electric vehicles to finance infrastructure.

But top Democrats show no sign of a willingness to compromise on Biden’s proposal in some terms.

Mayor Nancy said, “Always, in law, you always listen and you’ll always see where you can find common ground, but you have to think big. You can’t think small when we’re talking about America’s greatness Huh.” Pelosi, which plans to approve the Biden package by July 4.

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