Biden pressures Congress to approve new economic package

Biden pressures Congress to approve new economic package

United States President Joe Biden signed two executive orders this Friday (January 22, 2021) aimed at helping American workers. In his speech at the White House, Democrats called on Congress to move forward with an analysis of the new economic stimulus package in the COGID-19 epidemic.

The lesson was presented by Biden last week. It establishes a US $ 1.9 trillion budget to help Americans most affected by the financial crisis caused by coronavirus.

One point of the project would be to increase the value of checks sent to recipients up to US $ 75,000 per year. The monthly payment defined in the final package is $ 600. Biden plans to raise it to $ 1,400. It is still less than desired by former President Donald Trump ($ 2,000).

“We have the tools to solve it, to control this virus and to bring our economy on the road to recovery. Let’s use them “Announced the president who took office two days ago.

The government’s economic team is scheduled to hold a meeting on Sunday (January 24, 2021) with Democratic and Republican congressmen to discuss the proposal’s progress.

Following the White House speech, Biden signed two executive orders. Establishes an expansion of federal food aid. It also determines that those who refuse job offers due to unsafe conditions are able to get unemployment insurance.

The second decree gives the basis for raising the federal minimum wage to $ 15 per hour, a Democratic campaign pledge. It is up to the capital to update the value. The current base salary is $ 7.25. It was last read in 2009.

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