Biden says he will not withdraw his candidacy for President of the United States

Biden says he will not withdraw his candidacy for President of the United States

United States President Joe Biden announced this Wednesday (3) that he is not considering leaving the presidential race. This statement is a response to the pressure to withdraw from the candidacy and the news of the New York Times (nyt) who said he would consider quitting the race if Democrats were unable to reverse public opinion about his fitness to serve a new term.

According to the Associated Press (AP), the president confirmed that he will remain a candidate for President of the United States during a video call organized by the Democratic National Committee. The appearance surprised supporters.

According to the NYT, Biden said he is in the presidential race until the end. This decision was supported by Vice President Kamala Harris. “We will not back down. We will fight and win,” she said.

Presidency spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre also said that the current president and candidate has no plans to quit the race. She said, absolutely not! In addition, the White House announced that Biden is “not considering giving up”.

The president during a debate with Trump (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty)

Biden replacement

This week, the NYT published an article stating that, for the first time, Biden has cast doubt on his chances of remaining in the re-election race. However, Karin Jean-Pierre denied this information.

Doubts arose immediately after his poor performance during the presidential debate, where, according to the NYT, the president said he didn’t know if he would be able to recover after a poor showing against his opponent, Republican Donald Trump.

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According to the NYT, another factor that shook Biden’s confidence is public opinion, which questions the president’s ability to govern for the next four years.

Since the debate, members of the Democratic Party have been pushing for Biden to be replaced by another, more capable candidate. I don’t understand, according to the rules of the acronym, the candidate himself must withdraw his candidacy.


This Tuesday (2), the news agency Reuters, in collaboration with the research institute Ipsos, released a survey indicating that one in three Democrats believes Biden should withdraw from the election.

The survey polled 1,070 people across the United States two days after the debate. The survey also revealed that the only person capable of defeating Donald Trump in a hypothetical confrontation would be former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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