Blocks Access to Bitcoin Software Downloads in the UK Blocks Access to Bitcoin Software Downloads in the UK

If you visit a website with a UK Internet Protocol (IP) address, it is not possible to download the Bitcoin Core software from One notice The website reads: “This software is not available for download in the UK and the download links will not work if you are in the UK”.

In fact, the UK is trying to download bitcoin software (BTC) from the website using the IP. Gives a “404 error”.

From the owner of, explaining the reason for blocking access to the download of the software for visitors to the website from the United Kingdom surname cobrahandjob replied to a tweet information:

“The white paper is on the blockchain and can be retrieved through software. I am not allowed to distribute the white paper on or ‘in any other way’. We have to follow the law”

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, a UK court rules in favor of self-proclaimed bitcoin creator Craig Wright Copyright infringement case against Cobra and for hosting the bitcoin white paper.

However, the default test was only because Cobra decided not to defend. As part of the decision, Cobra was also instructed to cover Wright’s legal fees of £35,000 (approximately US$48,600).

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The lawsuit is the last volley in Wright’s attack on those who challenge his claim to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. In January, Wright demanded, and to remove copies of the Bitcoin White Paper from their respective websites.

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Wright claims that the bitcoin whitepaper is his intellectual property. Meanwhile, he remains a proponent of Bitcoin SV (BSV), a factional chain split off from Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which is another fork chain of bitcoin.

Bitcoin software downloads are still available from, even for visitors with a UK IP address at the time of writing.

In fact, the geographic delimitation of download links on would not affect people interested in running Bitcoin Core in the country, given the plethora of alternative solutions such as virtual private networks and other sites hosting the software.

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