Biya Haddad talks about the evolution of women’s tennis in Brazil and designs the Australian Open

Biya Haddad talks about the evolution of women's tennis in Brazil and designs the Australian Open

After a long time, Brazilian women’s tennis returned to good results. In addition to the phenomenal Olympic medals for the pair Luisa Stefani and Laura Pigosi in Tokyo, the sport was also well represented by Bia Haddad. After a low start to the year, Paulista was able to come back on top and move up from 359th in the world rankings to 82nd.

in an interview with Sports GazetteThe 25-year-old athlete sheds light on how the talents of her colleagues raised the level of women in the sport and propelled them on the courts.

“The achievement of Luisa and Laura is very remarkable for Brazilian women’s tennis, something that inspires many girls, who shows that everything is possible, that everything comes from hard work, resilience and delivery. There are a lot of professional girls from ages, which I think is the most important and cool. And it definitely gives me more and more confidence in myself. The more girls there are at the highest level, the more we end up pulling and show that it is possible through a lot of work”, she said.

Overall, Biya has 76 wins in 2021 and trophies from five ITF-level tournaments. Due to the good numbers, she returned to dispute the most important competitions and is already a guarantee of her appearance at the 2022 Australian Open.

“My hope for the Australian Open is to be the first to be prepared, to be healthy and to be able to play as much as possible with me, not play off the court or the other side. More and more I am understanding with my team that it is against Biya and not against other girls. And, based on that, choosing plays, having a high level of concentration, getting things clear and executing the level of tennis, which is high. I am doing a really good job”, he guessed.

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The Australian Open is scheduled to begin in Melbourne from January 17.

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