BLACKPINK: Jenny and Rose fans busted in Los Angeles

BLACKPINK: Jenny and Rose fans busted in Los Angeles

With projects slated for the coming months, dark pink Runs under the watchful eye of headlines. Last Friday (25), for example, jenny I Rose Fans left a flea behind their ears after being seen in Los Angeles, USA!

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According to YouTube channel The Hollywood Fix, as reported koreabu, both artists were in a children’s clothing store called “Couture Kids”.

Although it is possible that jenny I Rose Were just about to shop, many fans had anticipated a sudden stir. Some possibilities include “an alleged recording of the music video of”sour pill“, the partnership of dark pink With Lady Gaga.

Others have gone ahead, speculating that jenny I Rose the baby shower to be in LA HalseyMILF’s birthday Ariana Grande — she turns 28 this Saturday (26) — or to collaborate with Taylor Swift.

jenny I Rose Spotted in LA, Rumors Say They Might Go to the Baby Shower HalseyMILF’s birthday Ariana Grande or possible collaboration Taylor Swift. But one thing is certain: BLACKPINK is planning something!“.

And you, what do you think?

Details of “Blackpink: The Movie” have been released

Fans are eagerly waiting for this movie dark pink. “Blackpink: The Movie” is part of the “4+1” project, which celebrates the girlgroup’s five-year career and will be released in theaters worldwide on August 4. Eyelashes are full of curiosity and the Dazed magazine website has come up with some direct details.

"Blackpink: The Movie" details have been disclosed
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Depending on the vehicle, the film will be divided into parts or segments. is one of them “Room of Memories” (Quarto das Remembrance), where the group will consider the past five years. Another part of the movie is called “Beauty” — or beauty — and will never bring up never-released photos of the cast.

In addition, the film will include exclusive interviews, fan messages and re-edited material from both “The Show”, which is live. dark pink Did just as much as the 2018 “In Your Area” tour.

Apart from the film, Blackpink will announce four more projects

The year 2021 is special for dark pink, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the birth of the group! This will be celebrated with the “4+1” project. Fans will earn more from the looks of it than they think!

Apart from the film, the group’s official website has been updated with a calendar. It has no date, but it indicates that there will be four more commercials in addition to the film. It really is to please!

Photo: site / blackpinkofficial

Fans can now form their own theories. What will happen next? Single? clips? Live Presentations? New business products? We can only wait to find out.

BLACKPINK makes mysterious recordings at Everland Park

An employee of Everland, South Korea’s largest theme park, confirmed on social media that the girlgroup was there for the mysterious recording. Fans are already guessing what this recording will be for. advertisement? new clip? part of the movie? hey dark pink Full of projects to celebrate your 5th anniversary. Then again, Everland Recordings can be for anything! But in the blink of an eye for new music, yes.

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