Bloodborne: Completes stunning playful performance for PS1

Imagem de: Bloodborne: conheça o surpreendente demake jogável para PS1

Programmer Lilith Walther shared it last Saturday (16) Bloodborne Service PS1, A project he has been working on for some time and which is gaining more and more bodies.

According to the developer, the PS1 version Bloodborne It is at an early stage of production, and some points are considered fundamental that are still being conveyed and redesigned to convey a sense of “proper navigation”, such as loading and saving systems. Fortunately, one of his videos showed the rescue flashlight is now complete and a major step towards retaining the essence of the original game.

In addition, the possibility of choosing the gender of the character is also being introduced, but at the moment there is only a voice system available to separate the male from the female. “The basis for character customization is defined! Obviously, it will be much smaller than the original version.” Bloodborne, But it’s still a feature I want to include, “Lilith said.

Dimake already presents a type of test map used to experiment and improve game mechanics, and in the video it is already possible to observe that in-out connections for different regions are many Are done with levels, as in Maps. From software games.

Development of everything indicates that Condemn This is going really well and soon we may be able to identify a more specific setting, more creatures, and a functional game system.

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Eager to see the end result of this port Bloodborne For PS1? Leave your answer in the comments.

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