Blue Moon: Understand why we’ll still have a true ‘Blue Moon’ on a Sunday without the color change. science and health

Blue Moon: Understand why we'll still have a true 'Blue Moon' on a Sunday without the color change.  science and health

The color should be the same as usual, but this Sunday’s full moon (22) meets all the requirements to be called a “Blue Moon” or “Blue Moon”.blue moon“, as it is known in English.

Popularly, the expression “Blue Moon” is used to refer to the satellite entering full phase for the second time in the same month. The last time this happened according to the American special magazine “Sky & Telescope” was on October 31, 2020.

However, this definition is not the root of the word.

According to the magazine, the term appeared in 1930. It refers to the third full moon of the same season of the year.: This Sunday is the case for “Blue Moon”. This winter the first full moon was on 24 June and the second on 23 July. The third will now take place on August 22.

Also according to “Sky & Telescope”, a change to the definition of a full moon occurred in 1946, when “amateur astronomer and frequent contributor to ‘Sky & Telescope’ James Hugh Pruett (1886–1955) misinterpreted the magazine’s description.” . This is how the popular definition of “Blue Moon” associated with the second full moon of the same month emerged.

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