Boeing 737 Max is again authorized to fly in Europe Economy

Boeing 737 Max is again authorized to fly in Europe Economy

“After an in-depth analysis by EASA, we determined that the 737 MAX could resume service in full safety. This assessment was done in complete independence from Boeing, or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and without any economic or political pressure. Was. ” “EASA Executive Director Patrick Q said in a statement.

Accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia were linked to faulty cabin software of the American company’s best-selling jet.

The EASA chief executive said, “We are confident that the aircraft is safe, which is a prerequisite for our approval. But we will continue to closely monitor the operations of the 737 MAX.”

“At the same time, and at our insistence, Boeing has worked to further improve the aircraft in the medium term, so that a higher level of safety can be achieved,” he said.

The United States lifted its ban in November, followed by Brazil and Canada. China, which was the first to ban the aircraft after the second crash in March 2019 and which accounted for a quarter of its maximum sales, has not been told when it will operate.

Boeing 737 Max returns for commercial flights in Brazil

Aviation safety dispute

On Monday, Executive Director Patrick Ky said that after granting provisional approval in November, EASA analyzed the opinions of 38 commentators and “directly received a series of whistleblowing reports that we have fully analyzed and considered.”

But Solidarity and Justice, a group of victims based in France, called the measure “premature, inadequate and even dangerous”.

Analysts and airline chiefs say that EASA, which primarily represents 31 countries in the European Union, has grown stronger from the crisis, which has destroyed the American leadership in aviation security.

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was accused of negligence toward Boeing in approving Max, poorly delineated software capable of repeatedly diving on the basis of only a weak sensor. it was done.

Between its terms of issuing the jet, EASA insisted on conducting its own independent review of all critical systems, as far as MCAS software goes beyond Boeing and some US officials.

He also said that the causes of accidents should be understood, project changes should be implemented and pilots should be properly trained. “We believe these four conditions have been met,” Q said.

But a lasting impact will be on a decade-long trend toward interdependence, which has seen regulators rely on each other’s security decisions, amid pressure to be more efficient.

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