‘Borat 2’ has a very long and very rough title

'Borat 2' has a very long and very rough title
True Baron Cohen (Credit: AP Photo / Matt Sales)

The full title of the first Borat movie was – Borat! American cultural training to make Kazakhstan a great nation.

And it turns out that the second film has a similar descriptive name.

According to reports, this is to be called Borat: Gifts of obscene monkeys to Deputy Premier Mikel Pence to benefit Kazakhstan’s recently deposed nation..

That’s enough to take.

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The title was posted in the Writers Guild America f America, but the page is in Because it has been removed.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Borat producer Sacha Baron Cohen had secretly succeeded in making a sequel to the 2006 comedy Makhootri, which was also screened by Hollywood authorities.

Footage taken by fans posted was posted online In Los Angeles, he was dressed as Borat, and in July it was revealed that Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Gian Liani, had called the police after Cohen arranged a fake interview with him.

Cohen was said to have burst into the room wearing a pink bikini.

“This guy comes in screaming and screaming, and I thought it must be a scam or a shake-up, so I reported it to the police.” Giuliani told Page Six.

in addition, Movie stage Reports say that Donald Trump’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein is one of the themes of the film, such as the coronavirus epidemic.

Cohen’s Kazakh reporter, full name Borat Sagdiyev, appeared as a character in the Aliji show for the first time before being screened on the big screen in the first film. Seinfield Author Larry Charles.

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In it, Borat became upset Bewatch Star Pamela Anderson, and looking at the title of the new film, it seems that he is aiming at the current vice president, Mike Pence.

Baron Cohen has given a boost to the political aspect of his work in recent years.

His showtime series Who is America? He was seen sketching political figures such as Bernie Sanders, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former US Vice President Dick Cheney.

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