Box office record, Demon Slayer overtakes Mortal Kombat in the United States

Box office record, Demon Slayer overtakes Mortal Kombat in the United States

New box office record in the region! Monster Slayer – Mogain Train: The film reached the top of the box office in the United States. In its second week, Anime Charm overtook Mortal Combat with $ 6.4 million, and earned a total of $ 34.1 million since its debut.

It is worth remembering that Mortal Kombat earned a total of US $ 6.2 million over the weekend, a total of US $ 34 million so far in the North American country. Godzilla Vs. in third place at the box office. Kong, which grossed an additional $ 2.7 million.


The figures were released by Comescore and are the result of the opening of theaters in the United States, i.e. approximately 57% of all theaters. Around the world, the film Demon Slayer has exceeded all expectations by breaking more and more records, thus becoming the most successful anime feature in history.

The film is a continuation of the first season of the anime. The plot tells the story of Tanjiro Kamado and his sister, Nejuko, who were attacked by demons. The characters lose all their relatives and Tanjiro sees her sister turn into a demon, to save her, she turns into a demon slayer.

In addition, Charm has the highest position at the box office in Japan. In Brazil, the demon murderer – Mugan Train: O Filme opens on 13 May, as does Mortal Kombat.

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After appearing in catalogs in the US and other countries, the anime dubbed on Netflix Brazil reached the anime ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yiba’. In the plot, a well-to-do boy named Tanjiro Kamado, who sells charcoal for a living, sees his parents brutally murdered by a demon, who also curses his younger sister, and one of them Turns into

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Koyoharu is the season of 26 episodes of the anime based on the manga by Gotoge and acclaimed by Time magazine, but has been renewed for a second year. The new episodes will adapt to the “Red Light District” arc and are expected to arrive in late 2021.

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