Boy, Girl, Thing, Cat, Mouse, Cheese, Shopper, Netflix and Disney

Boy, Girl, Thing, Cat, Mouse, Cheese, Shopper, Netflix and Disney

boy girl dog cat mouse cheese

Buyers such as Netflix, Disney and WarnerMedia have purchased the Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese animated series created by partners in France, the US and Ireland.

The show is produced by US producer Cloudco Entertainment in partnership with WatchNext Media in France and Cavalier Productions in Ireland.

The latest buyers of Netflix’s 52×11 season one (UK, France and Canada) are Pan-Africa, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The first season was acquired by MBC Group for the early childhood education channel MBC3 in the Middle East and the commercial broadcaster SIC in Portugal.

In addition, a second season of ’52×11′ is currently in production and is scheduled for delivery in June 2022, to SuperRTL’s pre-buyer in Germany and Wildbrain’s Family Channel in Canada.

The program is based on Cloudco’s original IP and follows the traditional design of a family sitcom, but ‘Family’ consists of six title items.

The BBC (UK), RT (Ireland) and Agostini (Italy) have dicits as its command stations, which started in 2019 and Gali (France) in 2020.

“We are excited to share our award-winning series with new audiences around the world through our top broadcast partners. In addition, we are pleased to announce that season two will begin soon and the time We look forward to announcing the additional business,” said Ian Lampour, manager of content strategy, co-products and global distribution at Cloudco.

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