Brazil, Argentina and other Latinos surpass world average for dosage application

Profissional com vacina contra a Covid-19
Professionals with the Covid-19 Vaccine
Professionals with the Covid-19 Vaccine
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According to data from the website Our World in Data, about 27.1% of the world’s population has received at least one dose of the vaccine against COVID-19. However, some Latin American countries outperform the world average – some by far.

This is the case of Uruguay and Chile, which lead the worldwide vaccination percentage, with 72.95% and 71.22%, respectively, trailing countries such as Canada, which has 70 with at least one dose. 83% of the population, and the United Kingdom with 68.35 percent.

And they are not the only countries in Latin America that surpass the world average. The most populous countries in the region also exceed the rate: Argentina has 51.98%; Brazil, 46.35%; Mexico, 32.22%; And Colombia applied at least one dose of the vaccine in 31.20%.

The group also includes other countries such as Ecuador, which accounts for 41.39%; El Salvador, with 38.97%; Costa Rica with 38.92%; Panama, with 34.42%; and Cuba, with 30.48%, according to data from our World in Data updated as of July 24.


Mexico said it would send 150,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Guatemala on Tuesday (27) to be “applied as a second dose” to the country’s population, the Mexican embassy said.

The announcement is part of a report sent by the foreign ministry that said Mexico would also send medical and humanitarian supplies to Cuba.

These include “medium materials such as syringes, 9,500-litre oxygen tanks and face masks” as well as “inputs such as powdered milk, beans, wheat flour, cans of tuna, olive oil and diesel gasoline”.


This Sunday (25) 3.5 million doses of the modern vaccine donated by the United States reached Colombia. President Ivan Duke and US Ambassador to the country Philip S. Goldberg gained a lot.

“This donation of vaccines by the United States is very important for us to continue to face the pandemic, and it adds to Janssen’s previous contribution of vaccines, which represent doses for approximately 10% of the Colombian population, ” said the Duke.


Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela
Photo: Reproduction – 04.Oct.2020 / Reuters

On Sunday (25), Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that the country had detected the delta version of the coronavirus in two people from abroad.

Maduro said the cases were of a young athlete from Turkey and a doctor living in Caracas, who were also returning from abroad. Maduro highlighted that both were vaccinated.

Argentina and Brazil

The border between Argentina and Brazil has been closed since last year, when restrictions were imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

*With information from Reuters, Anna Cucalone and Marlon Sorto from CNN

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