Brazil has the highest moving average of Kovid deaths among F1 host countries

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SAO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – On the 28th, a week before the Bahrain Grand Prix, which marks the opening of the F1 season 2021, the 22 countries that will host the race are set aside to face the new coronovirus epidemic. Will present different scenarios. The most serious is that of Brazil. The country recorded last Thursday (18), with an average of 2,096 deaths in the last seven days. In the world, the total number of deaths in this period was 8,624 deaths. In other words, Brazil corresponds to 23% of the fatal victims of Kovid-19 on the planet, although it has only 2.7% of the world’s population. Out of every four people who died as a result of the disease in the world, this week, one was in Brazil. A total of 287,795 deaths occurred in the country on Thursday, behind the United States, with 539,320. A nation with 39 thousand inhabitants, Monaco is currently the place with moderately low deaths: 27. Among the host countries of the category, Australia presented the best moving average of the last seven days in the same period, with no record of deaths. is. World data is accounted for by Johns Hopkins University (USA). With 11,787,600 cases of registered disease in the Brazilian region, the country is also the second most infected after the United States, registering more than 29.6 million in total. Monaco again has the lowest number, about 2 thousand cases. According to the F1 calendar, races are held for the final part of this season in Brazil and the United States, with races at the Austin Circuit on October 24 and the stage set for November 7 in Sao Paulo. In 2020, both countries, as well as Australia, Vietnam, China, the Netherlands, Monaco, France, Japan, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Canada and Singapore were eliminated from the World Cup due to the epidemic. To complete 17 stages, some countries hosted two events. So it was in Austria, United Kingdom and Bahrain. This year, the category includes a total of 23 grand prizes and only Italy will be visited twice, once on 18 April, a race named GP Emilia-Romagna and once on 12 September, Monza GP. Liberty Media, the American group that controls F1, does not rule out further changes to the lineup. It was already in pre-season, having been transferred from Australia to Bahrain due to restrictions from the Australian government to prevent the spread of Kovid-19. Although its phase was postponed to the final half of the season, on 21 November, Australia is the second country out of 22 to receive the category with the least contamination cases (around 29 thousand), in addition to being the fourth with fewer deaths. . In general, 909. What was the harshness of the Australian government to prevent the epidemic for transfer to the calendar, as it required a 14-day quarantine for all people arriving in the country, which would have effect in the sequence of F1 . weather. The various scenarios found in host countries will be analyzed by Liberty to define the possibility of having or not having an audience race with local governments. F1 Global Director of Chloe Target-Adams, F1 Global Director said, “Everything will depend on every sector. Look at the UK, we are in a more positive light, the government is doing a great job with vaccination.” In Brazil, promoters of GP São Paulo operate with the possibility of not having an audience on stage. Currently, the city is in the emergency phase of a plan to stop the advance of the epidemic. The set of measures, adopted last Monday (15) – and valid for at least 15 days – are the most restrictive since the onset of the crisis. During this period, there will be curfew from 8 am to 5 am, when people should avoid leaving their homes. Classes are suspended, beaches and parks are closed, as well as football matches have been postponed. Religious ceremonies are prohibited and telecommunications (home office) is mandatory for all non-essential services. Stage for the opening of the season, Bahrain will sell tickets for the race only to those who prove that they have received two doses of the vaccine against Kovid-19 at least two weeks before the GP, or who have recovered from the disease . 351.1 people were vaccinated per thousand inhabitants in the country, with Brazil at number five, nearly six times, with 59.6 vaccinations per thousand inhabitants. The United Arab Emirates had the highest index with 690.6, while Japan has the lowest rate with 3.5. In addition to the ban on the public, the work of F1 teams had to be adapted. Seven out of ten teams are based in England, where only employees who manufacture parts and assemble cars can go to factories. Rest of the work from home. “We are testing everyone working in the factory every week and we have a lot of restrictions on the way we are working,” Williams boss Simon Roberts said. New in the season, German Mick Schumacher, son of seven-time champion Michael, spent a week in quarantine in January when he traveled from Switzerland, where he lives, to England, where the Haas factory was located. Car seat mold. During this period, he was also unable to go out to do physical training. Haas chief Guenther Steiner said, “I don’t know what will happen to the epidemic, no one has the answer. But my impression is that everything is too restrictive to move from one place to another.” With the decrease in the number of team workers and press professionals, F1 has adopted stricter measures in the paddock. The intention is to avoid what happened at Sakhir GP last season’s tapestime, when Englishman Lewis Hamilton ended the race after contracting the virus. In addition to the seven-time champions, Sergio Perez and Lance Stroke were diagnosed with Kovid-19. Throughout 2020, the category claims to have performed more than 76,000 trials and only 78 trials for the new coronovirus. “Many of the people who were positive were local officials. I think the worst outbreak was in a country with a translator,” said Ross Bronn, F1’s sporting director. “We will move in this way and learn what we did last year.” * Czech F1 Seasons Kalender Bahrain GP – 28 March Emilia-Romagna GP – April 18 Portugal GP – 2 May Spanish GP – 9 May Monaco GP – 23 May Azerbaijan GP – 6 June Canadian GP – June 13 GP in France – 13 June GP In Austria – July 4 GP in Great Britain – July 18 GP in Hungary – August 1 GP in Belgium – August 29 GP in the Netherlands – September 5 Monza GP – September 12 Russian GP – September 26 Singapore GP – October 3 Japan GP – October 10 US GP – October 24 Mexico GP – 31 October Sao Paulo GP – 7 November Australian GP – 21 November Saudi Arabia GP – 5 December Abu Dhabi GP – 12 December

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