Brazil outside the Oscars 2021: See Latin films that are in competition

Brazil outside the Oscars 2021: See Latin films that are in competition

Three other Latin films (Agento Duplo from Chile, from Mexico; Yes no Esto Aqui; and La Llorona from Guatemala) continue to compete with 12 other productions for an Oscar nomination for Best International Film. Chile is still one of the 10 finalists for Best Documentary. In the double nomination, there was also the Brazilian representative, the documentary Bebenko – someone said heart and heart: Parau, by Bárbara Paz, who did not qualify in either category, as well as six other Brazilian officials competing in the category. . . Pedro Almodovar is in the fight for the best short film, featuring A Woz Hamana.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the list of finalists in various categories on Tuesday night (9). Your voting members must now choose the titles that will go to the official competition. For the Oscar nomination for Best International Feature Film, formerly known as a foreign-language film, the following also competes: Quo Vadis, Aida from Bosnia and Herzegovina; Charlatso from Czech Republic; Druk – another round from Denmark; From the Dukes, France; Shaunian from Hong Kong to Ni (Better Day); Khurshid (Sun Children), from Iran; La Nuit des Rice from Ivory Coast; Hope, from Norway; From Coletive, Romania; Dorogi Tovarishi (Dear Companions), from Russia; Yanggung Poojo (A Sun), Taiwan and The Man Who Sold His Skin from Tunisia.

The movies

Last week, La Llorona was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film by director Jero Bustamante and gave Guatemala and Central America his first nomination for the award. The feature re-creates a folklore about a lost soul that goes in search of its children – a metaphor for Guatemala’s civil war and its immorality by attributing a retired general to the massacre of thousands of Maya Reveals political wounds.

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Yes No Esto Aqui, by Fernando Fris de la Parra, on the other hand, follows a group of youth from the town of Monterrey, north of Mexico, whose passion is to dance the Aquarius of Colombia. The film won the Final Aerial Award for Mexican Cinema and was also awarded the Best Mexican Feature at the Morelia International Film Festival 2019.

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Mate Alberti’s documentary agent Duplo follows an octogenarian detective who sneaks into a nursing home at the request of a client, who is worried about the treatment his mother is receiving. Among other recognitions, the United States National Board of Critics included him in its list of the five best foreign films of the year, and was also nominated for the Spirit of Independent Film Award for Best Documentary.

Three Latin American productions were recently nominated for the Goya Award for Spanish Cinema in the category of Best Ibero-American Film.

Almodovar com the human voice

As short films, the Spaniard Pedro Almodovar may return to the Oscars in this category, his first film in English: The Human Voice, featuring Scottish actress Tilda Swinton, one of 10 finalists in the race. In the 30-minute story, an adaptation of Jean Coctue’s monologue The Human Voice from the 1930s, a woman calls a man who has been her partner for five years and is now about to be married again.

The next important date is March 15, when all Oscar finalists will be announced. The award ceremony is scheduled on 25 April.

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