Brazil seeks help from America to fight deforestation in Amazon

Brazil seeks help from America to fight deforestation in Amazon

The Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Suls, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Arazzo, held a video conference meeting Wednesday with the US government’s special climate envoy, John Carey, to discuss changes and deal with deforestation.

At the meeting, the government maintained President Jair Bolsonaro’s position in Brazil and committed to the goal of reducing deforestation and fire if there was a direct injection of foreign funds into the country. For the government, without recourse to the United States and other wealthy countries, there is no way to protect the environment as provided for by international agreements.

According to the newspaper, s. State of pauloThe Bolsonaro government’s understanding is that, so far, Brazil has committed itself to other countries to help tackle the climate change and goals set out in the Paris Agreement. However, it did not impose clear and financial terms to reach commitments. According to a senior government official, the tone of the conversation in the meeting indicated: “People’s [o governo] Does, but you have to pay “.

In a note, Itamarti said that the meeting also took place “Deepen bilateral dialogue in the areas outlined with a structured process in frequent meetings, looking for sustainable and sustainable solutions to common climate challenges”.

In a video published on the social network, Minister Ricardo Sals said the meeting also dealt with an incident being organized by the US government on the environment. Earth Summit (Earth Summit) to be held in Washington on April 22.

“An important issue because this is the partnership that we are going to establish with the government that is starting in the United States, to address various topics, among them, the resources related to carbon credits that take care of us Are very important to Amazon. “, He said.

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Some technicians in the Joe Biden administration did not believe from the Brazilian version that the Bolsonaro government was efficiently dealing with deforestation in the country. This request for funds for other countries comes 2 years after the Brazilian government unilaterally disrupted existing financing agreements with the Germans and Norway.

Although the meeting took place on Wednesday (February 17), only this Thursday (February 18) did John Kerry talk about committing himself to rebuilding the US government’s cooperation with Brazil on climate issues.

“Tackling climate crisis requires major impacts that can only be achieved by global partnerships”, The US government’s special climate envoy said. “Good conversation tomorrow about climate cooperation, Brazil’s leadership and sustainable economic growth with Ernesto Arazzo and Ricardo Salles”, That which has been completed.

In the case of the United States request, the United States is committed to allocating resources to help Brazil reach US $ 20 billion (R $ 115 billion). But for this, an agreement would have to be made with the criteria, which would require detailed negotiations between technicians.

The US government’s order is to signal Brazil with incentives on the environmental issue before talking about sanctions or removal of positions. Biden, who was elected because of environmental and human rights agendas, is being pressurized by US Congressmen, activists to maintain a posture. “Dura” In relation to the Bolsanaro government.

After threatening Brazil with sanctions due to deforestation in the Amazon on 29 September, Bolsonaro’s relationship with Biden began to become turbulent. The American position, still in an election campaign, was countered by the Brazilian president: “When you run out of saliva, you have to keep ammo”.

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In January, Biden appointed a critic of the president to act in relations with Latin America: Juan Gonzalez was appointed as senior director in the Western Hemisphere of the National Security Council.

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