Brazilian couple has R$100,000 in debt to move to US: ‘I don’t know if it’s worth it’. reporter profession

Brazilian couple has R$100,000 in debt to move to US: 'I don't know if it's worth it'.  reporter profession

For the crossing, he took the services of a coyote. The couple says they will receive R$100,000. was to invest To cross the border into Mexico. His story is one of those told by the Proficio reporter on Tuesday (19) in the program on the migration crisis.

“We made a down payment of R $ 30,000 and a thousand dollars a month. We borrow money from our friends who are in the United States. We made some savings. I don’t know if it’s worth it or not, but let’s see now There are a lot of people who say it’s worth it”, says Marcos.

A couple of Brazilians took out a R$100,000 loan to enter the United States – Photo: Profisao Reporter

with two kids, He surrendered to US immigration police after crossing the border into Mexico. He spent two days in custody in San Diego, California, and was released on the condition that he wore an electronic ankle bracelet.

“I had never entered a police station before. We arrived just as some police officers were, we knew they would be there. We had a guide with us who knew the exact time”, says Marcos.

Marcos and Elsieline stay at a friend’s house and wait for the immigration process. Marcos is a baker and, during the new coronavirus pandemic, he lost his job, where he earned R $ 2,500. In the United States, the goal is to work and save a lot.

“From what my colleague said, I’m going to make $23 an hour. In Brazil I made R$60 a day. If I had been earning the money I was earning, I wouldn’t have come here,” he recalls .

From California, they travel to New York for a new life. And they already dream of a better future and more opportunities.

“The first penny I earn, I will send to my family. I will help my sisters, I have seven. My biggest dream is to help my family and others”, says Elsileen.

See full report below:

Immigrants plot routes to cross the deserts of the United States

Brazilian couple have R$100,000 in debt to move to US

Brazilian couple have R$100,000 in debt to move to US

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