Brazilian Poster does not compete for international prizes; check out!

Brazilian Poster does not compete for international prizes;  check out!

“Raquel 1:1”, directed by Mariana Bastos, is the only Brazilian film to participate in one of the world’s most important festivals, South by Southwest (SXSW), which will take place in Austin, United States, from March 11 to 20. , is competing in the “Excellence in Poster Design Competition”, the festival’s competition that awards the best film poster of the season. Gus Kondo, the artist responsible for creating the film’s poster, with support from Rodolfo Gert and Gabinet Graphic and photography by Van Bambers, tells us what it’s like to attend the event with his work. “It’s a dream come true! This is the first time I’m participating in an exclusive competition for a film poster. Usually the artists and designers behind the posters are not appreciated or known by the public, so I’m on my own.” Excited to have the opportunity to showcase the work at an important festival like SXSW”, declares the artist.

Written and directed by Mariana Bastos, Raquel 1:1 tells the story of Raquel, a young woman who has just arrived in a country town, after going through a mystical experience, bible and traumatised. Connected embarks on a controversial mission. From her past.” , such as the shape of stained glass windows in churches and images of Brazilian saints”, Gus said of his inspiration for creating the poster for the film.

Valentina Hersquez, winner of the Bisato d’Oro Best Performance Award at the Venice Film Festival, stars in the film alongside Emilio De Mello, Eduarda Samara, Ravel Andrade and Priscilla Bittancourt.

Distribution by O2 Play and produced by Claraluz Films, the film will premiere at the festival on March 12. The facility was also supported by Projeto Paradiso’s “Brasil no Mundo” program, which existed from southwest to south. The purpose of the philanthropic institution is to encourage the presence of Brazil at major festivals and international markets. “In a challenging context for national cinema, we are delighted to support talented professionals such as Mariana Bastos, and ensure that they can present their films at renowned festivals such as SXSW”, celebrates Joséphine Bourgois, Executive Director of Projeto Paradiso Is.

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“Raquel 1:1” does not yet have a release date in Brazil.

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