Brazilians are already barred from entering 108 countries – alreadypoca Negócios

Brazilians are already barred from entering 108 countries - alreadypoca Negócios

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Since early March, Brazil has been the world champion in deaths due to new coronaviruses, according to information compiled by the website Our World in Data from the University of Oxford. Nevertheless, there are still at least 88 countries that allow the entry of people leaving Brazil without a specific justification – such as work, study or family reunions. The survey was conducted by Estadaw based on data from the International Air Transport Association. IATA, abbreviated in English), travel agency websites and contacts with countries’ embassies in Brazil.

The report considers the list of 196 countries recognized by the United Nations (UN). As the regulations of each country are constantly updated, before planning any trip, it is important to directly examine the situation with foreign representation in Brazil. Experts consulting the report also recommend avoiding non-urgent displacement at this time, given the severity of the epidemic.

Despite a large number of countries, the list of 88 countries with free entry does not include the most sought after destinations by Brazilians: places like the United States, Argentina, Italy, Spain and Portugal are excluded. . Of the ten Brazilians receiving the most in 2019, only two are allowed entry: Mexico and Paraguay. The latter has a land border with Brazil. Apart from these, another popular destination that allows Brazilians to enter Chile at this time.

Most of the 89 countries that allow Brazilians to enter are concentrated in three regions: Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean – in the latter case, tourism is one of the main sources of income in many countries of the region.

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In Africa, entry is allowed in countries such as South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and the Republic of Guinea-Bissau. Other Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Mozambique and Angola, do not currently allow entry. In Eastern Europe, in addition to Albania, entry into countries such as Croatia and Montenegro is allowed on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. In the Caribbean, it is possible to travel to some countries such as Cuba, Bahamas, Seychelles and Dominica.

The degree of restrictions and regulations imposed by countries differ from those that do not meet any specific testing and quarantine requirements in places like North Macedonia, where entry is completely prohibited, such as Tuvalu, Yemen and North Korea. Even if some countries still allow visitors to enter, it is not appropriate to make non-urgent trips of this time, given the severity of the situation, says epidemiologist Paulo Lutufo, University of São Paulo ( USP) Professor in the Faculty of Medicine). The catastrophe for allowing non-essential travel in these countries “, he says.” We are in a very complicated situation, we should focus on fighting the epidemic in our cities. Traveling by air at an airport is not safe at the moment. Aircraft are one of the easiest ways to transmit viruses. experts say. Even non-essential national travel should be avoided.

According to the report, the Foreign Ministry (MRE) reported that it does not maintain an updated list of countries that allow or deny Brazilians to enter. Itamarati reported that measures to ban the entry of Brazilian people are not “discriminatory” against Brazilians, and are due to the proliferation of new types of coronovirus in the country. “The main criteria for the most drastic measures, such as. Flight restrictions or passenger entry, is the detection of a new form of coronavirus, which affects not only Brazil, but countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Denmark, and Japan. is.

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It is the same criterion that enforces the prohibition, now in force, of entry from Brazil to flights from the United Kingdom and South Africa, although the air border is open to flights and passengers from other countries, provided certain health requirements are met Goes “said folder.

The MRE also stated that most countries banning the entry of people from Brazil have made exceptions, “particularly cargo flights, air crew and extraordinary flights of a human nature and that retain citizens and permanent residents abroad Are created for the purpose of. ” , Declared MRE, in a note.

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