Bridgerton begins debate to hide at Queen Elizabeth’s black grandmother Windsor

‘Bridgerton’ abre debate sobre avó negra de rainha Elizabeth que Windsor prefere esconder

Available from December 2020, series Bridgerton, From Netflix, presented a black interpreter to live Queen charlotte (1744 – 1818), grandmother of Queen Elizabeth (1900 – 2002). Despite the lack of consensus on the ethnicity of George III’s wife (1738 – 1820), the streaming service decided to follow a broader educational trend, defending the African sovereignty of the British sovereign.

Non-public version Windsor House The dynasty that ruled today in the United Kingdom – the black origins of Charlotte’s ancestors still divided experts on the subject. However, ancient paintings show the slightly darker skin and curly hair of the 18th-century queen.

The 49-year-old, starring by actress Golda Rocheview, does not appear in Queen Charlotte author Julia Quinn’s novels on which the Netflix adaptation was based. Therefore, Golda’s choice was conscious and agreed between the author and the streaming service.

Queen Charlotte painting by 18th century Scottish painter Alan Ramsay

Queen Charlotte’s family tree studies

Responsible for the most detailed study of the Charlotte family tree, the American historian Mario de Valdes y Cocome began researching the history of the British queen in 1967.

The researcher’s investigation traces Charlotte’s ancestors to the 15th-century aristocrat Margarita de Castro e Souza, who will descend with her lover, Yurana, the illegitimate son of Portugal’s King Alfonso III.

For many academics, Ouruana, in turn, would be a black moor, originally from North Africa. In other evidence supporting the theory, it is possible to highlight the term “mulatto” used by an actual physician to describe the presence of Charlotte (today, considered racist).

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Similarly, a prime minister of that time must have followed discriminatory conventions while writing “your nose [de Charlotte] It is very wide, and your lips are very thick “.

Queen Charlotte sat her pet puppy

Actress Golda Rochewell was chosen as the explainer of Queen Charlotte in the series ‘Bridgerton’.

On the other hand, other scholars believe that the generational distance is so great that it would be practically impossible for Charlotte to obtain these traits. The caricords of the time preserved in the British Museum also do not reflect any evidence to suggest the queen was brown.

In any case, white and aristocratic nations’ efforts to systematically whiten non-white personalities in historical records cannot be forgotten, such as paintings, drawings, and paintings, such as those representing Charlotte at the time Were made for.

Windsor royal family status

In one case when the British royalty presented its case on the matter, an official spokesman said that Charlotte’s morality issue was “Surrounded by rumors for years and years, and it’s a matter of history”.

Sofia Charlotte de Mecklenburg-Strelitz She was the daughter of a German duke and princess and became Queen of Britain and Ireland soon after marrying George III in London at the age of 17, as the Royal Family website writes.

Chain Bridgerton It became the subject of thousands of comments on social media and the second season was confirmed by Netflix on this Thursday, 01/21.

With information from “Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother” report Country.

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