Bridgerton undergoes huge change commented on by producer

Bridgerton undergoes huge change commented on by producer

bridgerton The series is a recent addition to the Netflix catalog, but since its release, it has acquired a huge number of fans. However, the series made some changes to the story as compared to the original story in the books. So the author, Julia Quinn, talks about the changes in bridgerton on netflix.

Chain bridgerton It has been on the streaming service since December 2020, when it debuted, lauded by audiences and critics alike. But apart from the praise given to the star-studded cast, the alternate storyline displayed in the show was also well received.

Due to the success of the first season of bridgerton In 2020, he renewed the show for a second season – which premiered in March 2022 and was a success. Recently Julia Quinn gave an interview and commented on the changes made by Netflix in season two of the series. (via screenrant,

Julian Quinn praises changes bridgerton on netflix

know, bridgerton Occurs in the Regency era in the United Kingdom. So it follows the members of the family that make up the royals as they try to meet the challenges of high society life in London and the search for love.

The cast of the series includes Simone Ashley, Phoebe Danever, Charitra Chandran, Reggae-Jean Page, Claudia Jesse, Nicola Cougan, Julie Andrews and Jonathan Bailey. So, in the face of so much success, he renewed the show for seasons 3 and 4. This was even before the season 2 premiere.

But, while giving an interview, Julia talks about the changes in Quinn bridgerton on netflix. She said that she had little involvement in Seasons 1 and 2, but is glad they didn’t retell the “raw” origin story. Quinn praised the show’s ability to provide audiences with an experience different from what it was reading.

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Additionally, Quinn stated that the second season deviated a little further from the book than the first, however, he pointed out that the two seasons complement each other, making for a complete viewing experience.

author of bridgerton Says he doesn’t expect the series to be a copy of the books

Regarding the changes, she explained that she didn’t really want the series to be a copy of written history. bridgerton, Namely, as Julia Quinn said, “I don’t expect them to be word for word and I don’t want them to be carbon copies.”

He said that this difference is important because both complement each other. That is, you can read books and watch series and still have two different experiences, so you get a unique experience.

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The author also spoke about the comments of netizens regarding the book and the series. According to him, some say the books are better, while others praise the series – “it means we’re doing a great job”, explains Quinn.

Adaptation is always criticized.

Image: Disclosure / Netflix

There are many books adapted for television reproduction, and there is always discussion about how faithful the film is to the book. Therefore, in many projects his fans were with divided opinions, after all, opinions are very individual and each person has his own.

Examples of projects that have gone through this are: you, the flight attendant, little women and heart blocker, Because of this many projects of Netflix are being criticized. However, most of his projects were also received with many accolades, even involving changes.

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The writer blessed with the adaptations being done by Netflix. So, there is no doubt about how successful the series will still be on the streaming service. Also, with two more seasons in the oven, bridgerton demonstrated that it has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

third season of bridgerton Already under development.

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