‘Bridgeton’ success boosts South West England tours and TV productions

'Bridgeton' success boosts South West England tours and TV productions

The series “Bridgeton”, as well as the pairing of Simon Bassett (Reggae-Jean Page) and Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dievar), won a good number of viewers, including Netflix’s second-highest global success and with the right to a second-highest global success. 2022 Grammy nominations.

However, by all appearances, the series has brought headlines not only to the outstanding actors or the compelling story of Shonda Rimes (and others), but also to the South West of England in the United Kingdom, where production was recorded.


According to Guardian, following the success of ‘Bridgeton’ – and shortly before, due to other productions – the area where the English family plot is set has served as a fertile spot for many series and big-budget films from American streaming companies. such as for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Local broadcasters such as ITV have also diverted their investments in-place.

The success of ‘Bridgeton’ fueled tours and TV productions in south-west England. Scene from the Netflix series ‘Bridgeton’. Image: Netflix / Disclosure

For example, in the case of Netflix, which spends US$1 billion annually on productions in the UK, it was estimated that its contribution to the country’s economy by making series and films would reach €132 million (about R$824 million). Gaya. ‘, considered a big budget.

“It’s a natural home for Netflix productions,” said Anna Mallett, vice president of physical productions at Netflix Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “We are committed to the Southwest for the long term and have created more than 1,000 jobs, creating opportunities for local communities.”

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For the city of Bath – where the Bridgerton family lives – the tourism sector is showing growth: an estimated 1.5 million fans still visit the location, which also created walking tours to show places such as the Assembly Room and Holborn Huh. Also present in the museum-chain.

“We certainly saw an increase in visitors following the Bridgeton performance,” said Dr Amy Frost, curator of the Royal Crescent Museum in Bath, who served as the front for Featherington House in the period drama. “When you pass some places you hear people talking about Bridgerton on the street.”

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The film ‘Rebecca – The Unforgettable Woman’ is also another production which, according to the tabloids, has prompted trips to the coast of England.

The growth in this sector has pleased the Mayor of the West of England, Dan Norris, who knows that all the focus is on investment and development.

“It’s great to see Netflix and other production companies investing in our wonderful sector and bringing in highly skilled jobs. They really help put our region on the map,” he said.

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