Britain rejects regime restrictions to crack in Zimbabwe

Britain rejects regime restrictions to crack in Zimbabwe

The foreign Ministry BrittleIan announced today that four people are now banned from entering the UK and their wealth, including money in banks BrittleaNikos, Will be frozen due to involvement in protests in 2019, resulting in 23 deaths.

He is the Minister of State Security, Owen Ncube, The directorGeneral of Central Intelligence Organization, Isaac MoyoPolice Commissioner General of the Republic Zimbabwe, Godwin Matanga, And former Brigadier General, Presidential Commander and Commander Strategic National force of Feedback, Anamika Sunrise.

Government BrittleEkiko said in a statement that the four are mainly responsible for the suppression of protests Janeiro 2019 resulting in 17 deaths Zimbabwe, And conflict after national elections August 2018, in which six protesters lost their lives.

The incidents were “the worst human rights violation” Zimbabwe Since or President, Emerson MnangagwaTook power in November A coup after 2017 that overthrew Robert Mugabe.

He remained in the post following the victory of the 2018 presidential election, the results of which were questioned by the opposition, demonstrating on the streets.

Minister BrittleEkiko Dominic Raab Said that the purpose of these restrictions is to pressurize the government to undertake political and economic reforms in the country.

“These sanctions convey a clear message that we will apprehend those responsible for the deadliest violations of human rights, including death. Zimbabwe Innocent. These restrictions target senior persons in government and not Zimbabwe Common, ”he said.

The sanctions announced today have been applied to the East African colony for the first time since the United Kingdom left the European Union, as it was previously associated with the EU sanctions system.

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