Britain says sanctions seek to ‘topple Putin’

Britain says sanctions seek to 'topple Putin'

Russian President Vladimir Putin stands next to his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at Villa La Grange in Geneva on June 16, 2021 – AFP

A Downing Street spokesman said on Monday (28) that he wanted to “overthrow the Putin regime” with sanctions imposed by the invasion of Ukraine, but backed out and explained that it was not looking for “regime change”, but ” stop”. Russia.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters, “British sanctions, specifically aimed at the Russian president and central bank, are “designed to overthrow the Putin regime.”

When asked about those words, the spokesman immediately backtracked: “We are not looking for regime change at all. The question here is how do we stop Russia.”

These statements come after several violent exchanges between Moscow and London. Last week, Johnson called Putin a “dictator”.

The Kremlin clarified on Monday that Putin’s decision to put its nuclear deterrent force on alert was a response to British diplomat Liz Truss’s words of a possible conflict between Russia and NATO.

The truce declared on Sunday that “if we do not stop Putin in Ukraine, other countries like the Baltic countries, Poland, Moldova will also be threatened. And it could end in conflict with NATO.”

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