Britain to give national appreciation to 100-year-old elderly

Britain to give national appreciation to 100-year-old elderly

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson today announced a national accolade in honor of Captain Tom Moore, a 100-year-old veteran who fought in World War II, and who was famous for running a fundraiser last year to help the British health public.

Moore died yesterday with Kovid-19. She was diagnosed with new Coronavirus He was hospitalized last week and Sunday (31) because he was having trouble breathing.

During a speech in the British Parliament, the Prime Minister said, “We all now have the opportunity to show our appreciation for him and everything he has fought.

Applause has been set for 6 pm local time (3 pm Brasilia time) in honor of veteran and health workers who have been on the front lines in fighting the epidemic.

The campaign raised R $ 220 million

In April of last year, Moore raised over 33 million pounds (at that time about $ 220 million) to help the United Kingdom’s public health system, the NHS (National Health Service), fight the new coronovirus.

To encourage charity, the veteran made one hundred detours with a walker in his yard. The initial goal was to raise one thousand pounds (R $ 6,500), but the campaign went viral on the internet and had the support of over 1 million people.

Decorated by queen

After the expedition, Moore met Queen Elizabeth 2 in person, who named her Knight, one of the highest honors given by the British royal family.

With the award, the veteran earned the right to be called Sir Thomas Moore.

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