British commentator expelled from Australia, mocking Covid and blockade

British commentator expelled from Australia, mocking Covid and blockade

hotel room video – Reality show لفزيون . The woman had come to Australia to take part in big brother australia. After getting there, she immediately jeopardized her image by posting a video from her hotel room in Sydney, in which she said she wanted to put health professionals at risk. The door suddenly opened “without a frame” when they bring him food. Unsolicited video for local authorities who took immediate action, Cancel your visa and return it to the UK.

shocking comments Interior Secretary Karen Andrews Identified The British commented on Australians in solitary confinement as ‘horrible’ and ‘punch in the face’. “We are going to get him out of the country as soon as possible,” the minister said.Australian Broadcasting Corporation He added that “personally, I am very happy to leave.”

liked trump The author was known for his racist and discriminatory expressions on social media. She was one of the favorite commentators of former US President Donald Trump, who retweeted her on several occasions. The woman was also kicked out of the reality show.

fly by tweetA – Last year he was banned from Twitter for repeatedly violating hate speech guidelines. He once described immigrants as “cheap” and Islam “obnoxious”. In the Australian case, he justified himself by saying that the closures were just a joke. But this was not enough for the Australian authorities.

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